Кубок мира: Иванчук - Кажгалеев, Карлсен - Балогун, Джобава - Сальгадо и другие партии первого круга. LIVE

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Все игровые дни Кубка мира в Тбилиси будут начинаться в 14.00 по московскому времени. Сегодня - первые партии. Смотрите прямую трансляцию.



For someone like

For someone like Nepomniachtchi it's a real question how much risk they want to take in the standard time control games, when they have to feel they are (big) favorites in the supposedly more "random" rapid and blitz games. (Cf. Carlsen in Game 12 versus Karjakin...)

In the given case, I don't blame Palac for taking the draw when in time trouble. It will be interesting to see how hard he pushes with White, whereas I'd (generically) expect Nepo to be happy to draw with Black, forgoing a rest day and taking his chances in the tiebreaks.

If I counted correctly, there

If I counted correctly, there were four upset victories in top half (1-32 vs 97-128), and only three in the bottom half (33-64 vs 65-96). Maybe we need more randomized seeding after all. :)

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