Сент-Луис: Ананд - Карлсен, Вашье-Лаграв - Свидлер и другие партии третьего тура. LIVE

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Третий тур Кубка Синкфилда стартует в 21.00 по московскому времени. Смотрите прямую трансляцию партий.



Certainly at this point of

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Certainly at this point of his long career, Anand has seen so many of these a-pawn plus 3-vs-3 rook endings that anything but a draw would have been a shocker.

Actually Anand has famously

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Actually Anand has famously lost several drawish rook endgames, including the one against Carlsen in Chennai 2013. In the game too, I wonder how White draws after simple 60...hxg4 (61.hxg5 fxg5 62.Kg3 Ra1 63.Kxg4 a2 64.Kf5 g4) instead of 60...gxh4. Either 60.g4 was bluff or I'm missing something simple.
UPD: Indeed, it's the latter. 64.Kf3! g4+ 65.Kg2 is a draw on the spot. This time Anand's defence was fine.

I guess I'm not thinking of

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I guess I'm not thinking of general rook endings, but the particular a-pawn with 3-on-3 on the kingside. In particular, the one I had in mind was when Anand lost essentially this exact endgame to Leko in Linares 2003, due to failing to push up the h-pawn (here it was already in its optimal place). I'm also vaguely remembering one from a few years back, where he showed the correct technique.

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