Гран-При. 3-й этап, Женева: Аронян, Мамедъяров, Гири...

Время публикации: 06.07.2017 15:01 | Последнее обновление: 06.07.2017 23:31
06.07.17 - 15.07.17
Женева, Швейцария
Участники О турнире Игра
Аронян, Мамедъяров, Гири, Грищук, Свидлер, Непомнящий, Эльянов, Харикришна, Адамс, Ли Чао, Гельфанд, Раджабов, Инаркиев, Яковенко, Раппорт, Хоу Ифань, Рязанцев, Салем  Швейцарская система, 9 туров

6-10, 12-15 июля
Выходной - 11 июля

Начало туров:
15.00 Мск
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MVL, Ding, and Radjabov all

MVL, Ding, and Radjabov all need +2 in Palma, as +1 will be around 70 points at best.

Even +2 might not be enough (particularly for MVL), depending on how things work out. For instance, two guys on +3 and two on +2 makes 3rd-4th worth 100 points, and with that Ding would only tie Mamedyarov (though with +6 overall he would edge out Mamedyarov's +5). Similarly, if +2 is worth 125 (2nd-3rd) like here in Geneva, MVL would only tie Grischuk.

My guess is that only one of the three will reach +2 in the end, and Mamedyarov will just have enough. It's a bit strange that the "tiebreaker" between him and Grischuk (both +5 overall) is effectively number of people who tied your score. Note that in the next tie-breaker, most Blacks, Mamedyarov had 5 Whites in all three events, while Grischuk had 5 Blacks in the latter two, and moreover Grischuk won their only decisive game (in Sharjah).