Vladimir Tukmakov on How Eltaj Safarli Told Him About the Win: "I Was About to Tell Him something Not Really Pleasant"

Время публикации: 19.10.2012 20:33 | Последнее обновление: 19.10.2012 23:27

Vladimir Tukmakov, the captain of SOCAR, the winner of the European Club Cup, told how he got to know the team became the champion in the interview given to extratime.az.

"Gadir Guseinov and Eltaj Safarli got the task to calculate the tie-break after Round 7. This was a very dramatic moment when everything went wrong and eventually it was clear that we would be second. I went away with those thoughts and felt like being in prostration. I was terribly disappointed, but in the end everything turned upside down. Life has always convinced me that it's obviously more fabulous than any serials and thrillers.

Eltaj was first to tell me that SOCAR overtook the opponents, he called me and said: "Good evening (he's with good manners). Any news?" Honestly, I was about to tell him something not really pleasant (smiling). Then he told me that they have checked calculations several times and it was clear that we are first. This is not a funny thing, but it was too fantastic to believe, nevertheless, we had to check it."  

Tukmakov is sure that, despite the final results, SOCAR was the strongest team in the competition. "It doesn't guarantee anything, this is clear if you look at the Russian team, which hasn't won the last 5 Olympiads although it was a favourite."

The coach also told about another thing that surprised him:

"To be true I never thought that top players of the world could share their secrets for the team. This surprised me a lot. I am very thankful, the guys really surprised me. I won't tell you the names, however, you understand who I mean if I say I'm talking about the starts."


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