Boris Spassky Confirms: "I Felt Like Being Under Family Arrest"

Время публикации: 04.10.2012 19:55 | Последнее обновление: 04.10.2012 20:00

Cherchez la femme

You can see the official medical assessment on the picture below, it is signed by Boris Spassky's doctor in charge and it states that patient is "mentally sane" and "doesn't need psychiatric treatment." The document was presented by Spassky's lawyer to one of the Russian channels. He added "The document proves the fact that Boris feels good and that he is able of expressing his will."

According to the report of the Channel One the 10th World Champion met the journalist in one of the offices located in Moscow "under conditions of conspiracy." 

Spassky confirmed that in France he "felt like being under family arrest."

According to him, his wife Marina did that. "My health also was in danger. The reason was that the positive affect of the medicines I took just wore off, I wanted to improve the process of my recovery, but I wouldn't dare accusing anyone in any evil intent against me.

Spassky's lawyer and some of his friends he preferred not to be named, were directly involved in organizing Boris's escape from his own home. GM has already sent the appeal for divorce to France from Moscow. He doesn't hide that "Cherchez la femme."

"Another woman is definitely involved in this. As I know this woman was accused of all vile sins and I don't know, maybe in something even worse. You can ask if you have any questions. This woman is now in this room."

- Is she more than just an agent for you?

- What do you mean? Personal questions are my own business," - Boris Spassky replies.

- Does that mean she is only your agent and nothing more?

- She's not only an agent for me. I nourish best feelings about Valentina Alexeevna.

Valentina Alexeevna avoids cameras and says she has been the agent of Spassky from 2007. Boris's son said this is she who doesn't allow his father to contact his family.

The interview at full is available in the video player [in Russian]. 


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