Kirsan Ilyumzhinov Announced the Creation Of a Chess Party

Время публикации: 24.09.2012 22:18 | Последнее обновление: 13.02.2013 03:32

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov visited Klesov village, which is located in the Ukrainian district of Rovno. Interfax reports Ilyumzhinov mentioned that his main aim is to open a chess academy in the village. But this wasn't the only thing the President has declared. Ilyumzhinov announced he's going to set up the International world chess party, the headquarters of which will be in Ukraine.

"There are democratic parties and there are communist ones. Now it's time to establish a chess party," Ilyumzhinov said. "Why have I chosen Ukraine? I have received a proposal from Klesov village, which will now become a part of chess and political movement. The party will be international, so I call it "The World Chess Party". I would like to remind you that FIDE consists of 177 country members. We hope to exceed this number up to 200 in a short time".

"I thought why shouldn't we unite clever, intelligent people and create a sort of community. Our aim is not to get to the Parliament, we don't really want you to join the party for that purpose. For some people politics is a source of their living. However for us this party is not a way of getting powers. We aim to adapt young people for modern life, we want to teach them to calculate their moves and actions. That's why we want to create chess parties. We are now opening the Ukrainian chess party. It is not a political one." According to Ilyumzhinov the chess parties will be managed by young people, not older than 30 years, while other members of the parties might be elected regardless of their age.


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