"Everything Will Be Changed in March"

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Andrew Paulson on the lack of spectators at the Grand Prix

The 1st stage of the Grand Prix London is not marked with a large number of spectators. As Chess-News found out if a "mere mortal" will want to enter Simpson's-in-the-Strand building - the venue of the Grand Prix - he/she would be stopped by the guard asking for the purpose of his/her visit. Moreover, the visitor will be allowed to enter the building only if he/she knows any of the workers of the building.

Our correspondent on the spot Maria Yurenok asked Mr. Andrew Paulson, the head of the company AGON which has the right for organizing the World Championship cycle, to comment on this situation:

"We had only 6 weeks for organizing this tournament, - Paulson says. - the Russian Chess Federation didn't allow us to hold the competition in Chelyabinsk as we have planned before, so we lost 600 thousand dollars. Under these circumstances we didn't risk to focus on attracting larger audience (Apparently Mr. Paulson means renting a bigger place; the hall which hosts the players now couldn't seat the spectators even if they would be let in freely - M.Yurenok). Of course I'd love to hold the tournament in a different way - with the audience. Believe me, in March - at the Candidates tournament - everything will be changed!"

photo by Fred Lucas, london2012.fide.com


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