"There's Music, Champagne And It's Dark Like In A Night Club..."

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Е.SUROV: Ladies and Gentlemen, good evening and the opening ceremony of the first tournament of the new Grand-Prix is taking part in London. The tournament will start tomorrow. We have already informed us about the pairings on our site. Our reporter Maria Yurenok is at the ceremony now. Hello, Maria. 

М.YURENOK: Hello, Evgeny, the party started at 7 P. M. London time and it started from the pairings procedure and before that there was some technical meeting. 

Е.SUROV: What party are you talking about? Why do you call it a party? 

М.YURENOK: Well, it's called party in English, there's some music there, some champagne to drink, some snacks and it's dark like in a night club. 

Е.SUROV: Wow, so it's all done in order to create some atmosphere of a party non connected to chess?

М.YURENOK: That's right, you got it the right way. 

Е.SUROV: You seem to be a real journalist - you've mentioned drinks and snacks and said nothing about the chess players though. 

М.YURENOK: All the chess players are here. I saw nearly all the participants and I even talked to Adams and Giri. Michael only learned about his participation yesterday. I don't know whether he is prepared well enough but still it was a surprise for him. 

Е.SUROV: How's his mood, what's his reaction to this news? 

М.YURENOK: I think he's glad. He looks quite happy as well as his wife Tara. I think he'll have some trouble as he is not ready of course. 

Е.SUROV: You told that it all started from the pairings ceremony. Was there anything special about it, anything extraordinary? 

М.YURENOK: Unfortunately I wasn't present at the ceremony, because I was told to come at 7-30 and it started at 7. They told me that players pulled out the cards, like you do in a Monopoly game, do you know it? 

Е.SUROV: Well, it's an English game, is it? 

M. YURENOK: Yes, but as far as I remember we played it in Russia when I was little. Don't you remember? 

Е.SUROV: No, I know chess, checkers... 

М.YURENOK: Well Monopoly is a table game and the players pulled out the cards with famous London buildings.

Е.SUROV: Well, the end is not close is it? 

М.YURENOK: No, they intend to finish at 11 in the evening, as it was planned before, but I think that by that time the chess players are all gone. I imagine they've got a lot to prepare for tomorrow. 

Е.SUROV: Is the music there a live one? 

М.YURENOK: No, there are DJs there. 

Е.SUROV: Is someone among the chess players dancing? 

М.YURENOK: No, they are not. The chess players are drinking soft drinks as far as I noticed, they are talking to each other. 

Е.SUROV: Andrew Paulson is sure to be there, right? 

М.YURENOK: I haven't seen him by the way, but i saw many other persons like Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. I saw many famous british chess players like Malcolm Pain and others. Tomorrow round 1 starts at 2 P. M. London time. It's quite close to the place where we are now, by the way.  

Е.SUROV: By the way, tell us where are you now? 

М.YURENOK: It's near the Thames river, in the Somerset House. This house is quite an old one, it was built in the eighteens century, so although it's big we only occupy one room in it. There are other events apart from ours here. And the players will play in Simpson's-in-the-Strand, just fie minutes walk from here. Everything's close here and I think that chess players live in the nearest hotels. 

Е.SUROV: Thank you, it was Maria Yurenok, our reporter. Hope to hear you from London once again during this Grand-Prix.

Photo - Ray Morris-Hill


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