"Ilya Levitov Calls Armenian Team a Great One: "I Simply Can't Understand How They Can Play So Well!?"

Время публикации: 13.09.2012 12:18 | Последнее обновление: 13.09.2012 12:18

Russian Chess Federation CEO Ilya Levitov has given a final interview regarding both Russian teams participation during the Olympiad in his interview to "Sports-Express". He thinks that Russian women's team is stronger than the Chinese one:

"I was amazed to see the passion they had to fight. The match against Poland was quite a tough one, some positions were beyond good and evil, well you put them on the computer and it says something like "-10". We were supposed to lose like 1 to 3, but the girls saved it, they managed to play well these positions. I would also like to mention a total victory over Kazakhstan. They won 4-0, it's something extraordinary!"

Levitov once again expressed his complete trust for Yuri Dokhoian, head coach of the men's team.

"We are ready to follow all the demands that he is going to make. We trust his professionalism. His idea to call the other two top-class coaches to work with the men's team was a success. I personally think that it's time to change the team preparation concept. I will by all means discuss this issue with Arkadiy Dvorkovich. I hope we will be able to increase the number of team trainings and send to the tournament some doctor, a person who makes massage or a psychologist together with the team if that helps to reach our goals. The times when those who played better were the winners have passed away. Nowadays there are 7-8 national teams that can give a strong resistance to our team, so if we want to win World championships and Olympiads we should learn to use the whole arsenal of big sport and help our players to reveal their best skills at the best level".

Levitov points out that our players were under huge pressure but he is indeed to surprise that:

"It was quite a mystery for me to see Armenians full of strength while the our team was worn out. That is a great team, which won three Olympiads out of the recent four. I simply can't understand how they can play so well?! Perhaps their doctor helps them a lot, while ours is in Moscow. But we will settle this matter in the future". 


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