The Arbiters of All Qualifications Will Be Obliged to Have Licenses

Время публикации: 11.09.2012 20:04 | Последнее обновление: 11.09.2012 20:16

Alexander Tkachev, the Head of the RCF Technical Board and one of the participants of the FIDE Congress, talked about some of the decisions approved at the FIDE Congress in the interview [in Russian] given to the RCF website. The commission of arbiters in particular suggested imposing licenses for the referees. 

"This has been discussed earlier in Krakow - any arbiter, will that be the arbiter of an international level A (as our Krjukov, Namruev, Bolotinsky) or just a national arbiter who works at a small tournament somewhere in a remote Siberian village, he will still need the license. The price of the license will depend on his status and class. 

- Can the license be obtained only once?

- Yes and actually if you're actively working at the tournaments then the license is prolonged free of charge. If you haven't been active for two years then you should make a new license which will cost the same amount of money.

- How much will it cost?

- The license for the arbiters of class A will cost 300 Euros, which is quite much. If that is a national arbiter then it will cost 20 Euros. In any case the tournament won't be allowed to be held if its arbiters won't have the licenses. 

- Should it be made in cooperation with FIDE?

- We will have the list of the licensed arbiters in the technical department of the RCF. In order not to disturb FIDE we won't ask to calculate the tournaments the arbiters of which don't have licenses. Why doing unnecessary work if we definitely know that those tournaments won't be calculated anyways? 

The participants mainly discussed for what period should the license be given. Andrzej Filipowicz suggested (I supported his idea) that it should be given for four years. In my opinion two years is a short term; however, those who were supporting the idea of two years term were in majority. It should be noted that all FIDE commissions, except the Ethics Commission, are very democratic: anyone can attend the meeting and even take part in it." 


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