Only Literary Language

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The author of these words got not only a lot of support during the Olympiad, and I thank everyone who wasn't indifferent, but I also got several literary quotes regarding the situation. Here's the one I would like to share:

"Did you ever hear the story about the human ear that caused a war?

It’s true, you know. There was a time when one human ear caused a great international war. The ear belonged to an English sea captain whose name was Jenkins and the Spaniards thought that Captain Jenkins wasn’t as honest  as he might be.  In fact, they were quite convinced that he  as a pirate, so they captured Captain Jenkins and simply cut off his ear. Jenkins, righteously indignant, brought the rest of himself and his ear back to England and complained to the Monarch about this terrible rough handling. At that time, the English were just spoiling for a war  with the Spaniards and they were able to use this incident to launch the Great  War called, “THE  WAR OF JENKINS’ EAR.” If you don’t believe me, go look it up, it’s absolutely true.  There once was a war between  England  and  Spain  known  as  “THE  WAR  OF JENKINS’ EAR.”  Now, what I want to ask you is, will there be a war of your ear this day? I wonder how many days your ears draw you into war?"

Not that I don't have what to say, but taking into consideration time trouble which usually has the chess journalist in the end of the tournament - when the closing ceremony is late in the evening, while the flight is early in the morning - I will share with you only some parts. So, here are the pictures from the closing ceremony which I had easily entered due to some face-controllers' gross oversight.


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