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No, we didn't get the accreditation, but at the same time two participants of the Olympiad volunteered to work as special correspondents of Chess-News inside the playing hall. You will see their pictures in this photo spread.

The teams of Bulgaria and England are heading to the round... does the Russian team.

Taking picture with Hou Yifan.

Whose suit is more checkered? 

Daniel Fridman, Jan Gustafsson: "Lets' try to grab a draw..."

Wang Hao doesn't know yet what he should expact from Vassily Mikhailovich today.

Vladimir Tukmakov and Arshak Petrosian keep a close eye on Hungary - Armenia match

You can see Dragan Papic, the coach of the Montenegro team, in the background - he has been supporting Chess-News by wearing the t-shirt with "Surov" written on it. Susan Polgar, the accredited journalist is in front of him - she hasn't made any commentary on the organizers' outrage so far. 

Mikhail Vasilyev, the captain of the Vietnamese team and Ye Jiangchuan. East is a delicate matter...  

The coach of the German women's team stands out in the playing hall.

Nana Alexandria and her former pupil Lela Javakhishvili

The stand Baku-2016 in the hall. Everyone can take picture with a nice background of the capital of the Olympiad-2016. 

The organizers are offering the players discounts on the last day of the Olympiad. 

The generosity of the organizers has no limits. 


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