Life Is Good

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Everything seems to be perfect in Turkey. Even taxis.

All taxi-drivers in Turkey are officially employed. I like it pretty much mostly because there is no need to negotiate a price before the trip but drivers usually tries to mark up the price at the end, well quite human desire.

Locals are really benevolent. Sometimes they even ask to take photo.

Although not many of them know English. One day I was searching for the nearest exchange office. I asked sexy girl with an ice-cream. To tell the truth I even didn’t expect that she’ll talks to me, but she did. Moreover, she showed me the way. At first I thought that it is not far. Actually we walked for about five minutes. And my beautiful fellow traveler accompanied me right to the office with good rate of exchange.

Almost everyone is quite benevolent.

It is well-known that location is the most important to any hotel. Therein one can’t find fault with inappropriate location of the hotel where participants put up. (If you’ve ever been to Moscow probably you have a notion about district between “Yugo-Zapadnaya” and airport Vnukovo – somehow they resemble each other.) Of course it’s far away from the city center, but what do you want when it costs only 250 euro per night?

Judging by letter plate it is an excellent four and five star hotels. Inside certainly some stars were lost but no one promised you a royal residence for 250 euro.

Also here is a high speed Internet. Unfortunately it doesn’t work from time to time and it’s extremely hard to connect it especially in the evening after the game. Moreover there was no Internet for 24 hours one day. Of course no one complains about it.

The hotel is really close to the Olympiad’s hall. It’ll take you for about seven minutes along lovely path to get there.    

You may admire taking off airplanes.

One more turn and we’ll see the World Chess Olympiad.

However, there are some poor wretches who prefer to take bus instead of walking.

We may see that Levon Aronian had good mood before the game with Ivanchuk and now it is obvious that he is still satisfied.

Emil Sutovsky is not hiding from your reporter he is just putting on a special T-shirt.

Maxim Rodshtein is very serious.

Anna Zatonskih is pleased to know that Nana Dzagnidze is expecting a baby.

Husband is helping Georgian team’s leader on this Olympiad.

Now we’re going towards the bus. I should say that Israeli team is well prepared, actually I mean their outfit.

Emil Sutovsky is studying the previous tournament games.

Please, note that players take with them very impressive bags. Don’t think that they took water, tea or coffee with them. One can easily buy it during the tournament.

I doubt whether participants would save on miserable Turkish lira for a glass of water. Most likely players keep something else in their bags.

Players asked me if the conditions are really so as they are described on the site. I confirmed this and wished them luck in the tournament.

Alexander Onischuk wondered why he didn’t see me in the Olympiad hall for a long time. I replied that the hall is huge and organization is splendid so that journalists are unnoticeable.

Here he is, Anish Giri. It’ll be his first game during this Olympiad.

But he can’t wait to give an autograph.

It seems that Viktor Bologan is somehow attracted by the striped clothes.

Isn’t it strange that Vladimir Kramnik brings a can with beverage?

As you may know from yesterday's news I demanded an official refuse with indication of the reasons from the clerical support workers. But the reply was that they are not allowed to give it to me. So I asked them to contact with Mr. Yazici on this issue.

Surely I did understand what would be the answer of the President.

And what do you think? I was right! Today’s accident we can take into account as an answer. Three securities without delay sent me out as I tried to pass through a metal detector.

Oh yes, they are really benevolent.

The President of the Turkish Chess Federation asked me to send his regards to the Chess-News readers. He also noticed that the Olympiad is well organized so there is nothing to be worry about and yes we are still the family.


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