Open Letter To the President of the Turkish Chess Federation Mr. Ali Nihat Yazici

Время публикации: 30.08.2012 18:14 | Последнее обновление: 30.08.2012 18:14

Dear Mr. Yazici,

The Russian Chess Federation is sincerely grateful to you for the organization of the world chess festival – Olympiad in Istanbul.

Taking into account the long-term friendly relationship between our countries and federations, we earnestly ask you to provide the Russian journalist Evgeny Surov with an opportunity to freely cover the World Chess Olympiad.

Over the last years, Turkey has become one of the world chess capitals. Thanks to you, the country is experiencing a boom in chess, and the federation is holding numerous major international tournaments yearly. Your outstanding work on popularizing chess causes general admiration.

Evgeny Surov is the chief editor of the Russian biggest chess web-site, that is highly popular not only among Russian but also among foreign Russian-speaking audience. His readers are used to getting the most up-to-date news and interviews from the major world forums.

We are aware of the fact that Evgeny Surov’s website is sometimes hosting sharp, disputable and contradictory materials. Occasionally, these materials may offend and even insult the chess organizers, grandmasters and chess friends. But regardless of the personal attitude to the web-site or the web-site journalists, tournament organizers shall not stoop to the level of settling scores, but are obliged to give them an opportunity to do their job and let the readers make their own conclusions.

We are once again asking you to accredit Evgeny Surov for the tournament as a journalist and give him an opportunity to carry out his professional duty.

The Head of the Management Board of RCF                                                   I. Levitov


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