Chess Olympiad, First Round: The Playing Hall Was Half Empty - The Chess Players Had To Stand In Line

Tuesday, 28.08.2012 21:39

As we have said before, Chess-News chief editor was not let in by the organizers to the building where the Chess Olympiad takes place. We asked some chess players to know some details about the event.

The chess players could enter the playing hall only half an hour before the game start. As there was a lot of players they had to stay in line and t was clear thus that they would not enter the hall by the time the game started. Those who were lucky could sit on their places right before the clocks were switched, while others were less lucky.

As a result of this the playing hall was half emty by 3 p.m. The arbiter announced that the start was postponed for 10 minutes. After ths time was over it ws still clear that not all the chessplayes have taken their places. Another five minutes was given to settle the things.

One more interesting fact was told by one of the players who asked not to call his name: "I have never heard the arbiter thank FIDE President or Ali Nihat Yazici after the announcement of the round start" The same player said that chess player have to buy everything in the bar - even tea, water or coffee".

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