"Search For The Woman": Boris Spassky's Sister Is Writing An Open Letter About Her Brother Being "Stolen"

Время публикации: 24.08.2012 19:20 | Последнее обновление: 24.08.2012 19:24

e3e5 site offers Boris Spassly's sister Iraida open letter: 

"Yesterday our cousin managed to contact Valentina Kuznetsova, who is Spassky's agent. She said that he is in some clinic (there's no way to find its telephone number) and is recovering after the medical treatment he haf in France. Mrs Kuznetsova blaims his relatives who could not offer the famous champion appropriate medical care. She also says she is afraid of reporters. The worst thing is that this woman can't give my brother enough comfort and wonderful medical care he had in France (that's why he is still alive). However my brother who is used to help everyone and be independent can't understand the current situation and has no support from others. Those who took him to Russia are fully responsible for what they have done. It's complete lunacy to take a sick person from comfortable house and bring him to a lonely Moscow flat?! My brother pays too much for this woman's ambitions. However she seems to be not understanding that her actions are deadly dangerous for his health. I and his friends can't stay and just watch what is going on with him. It is a question of my brother's life".

However there is another point of view on this issue. Rimma Bilunova who watched the story is sure that Iraida Spasskaya's arguments are false and Boris Spassly went to Moscow on his own and not under anybody's press. 


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