Gleb Petrov: "Karjakin Is a Person Who Can Get The Chess Crown Back Home"

Время публикации: 23.08.2012 22:22 | Последнее обновление: 24.08.2012 12:39

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G.PETROV: Hello.

E.SUROV: Hello, Mr. Petrov.  

G.PETROV: Good afternoon.

E.SUROV: It's Chess-News Live, my name's Evgeny Surov and we are talking about what has happened today between you and Sergey Karjakin. Sergey has just left our studio and he told us that he has signed an agreement with your company. Would you please tell us the reason for that investment, why did you decide to finance Karjakin? 

G.PETROV: Ok, I'll try to answer your question. "Alpari" has always been interested in sport. We were footbal sponsors and invested in "Spartak" football club. Now we have another project. Professional alpinists and our employees go to the mountains together, in fact they climb up the highest mountains in the world. So our passion to sport is not something unusual. The fact that we switched to chess is perhaps some occasion which is on the other hand a tribute to modern trend. We came to know Sergey first and understood that this is a person who can get the chess crown back home. This is a professional who wants to achieve a lot. He's got his unique charm. So I had no problems convincing the board managers that this project is going to be a success. That's my answer. 

E.SUROV: Well, in that case I have another question. Number 1 in the Russian team is not Sergey, it's Vladimir Kramnik. Why haven't you chosen Kramnik to bring the chess crown back home? 

G.PETROV: I'd rather say like that With all my respect, Kramnik is a bit older. We wanted to chose somebody young, who has all his life to live, including chess. We also think that chess is becoming a fortune of the young as other sports. So, such a young person as Sergey can challenge another prodigy - Magnus Carlsen from Norway who is looked upon as a potential world champion. When we though about the contract with Sergey - we imagined him playing a match against Carlsen. 

E.SUROV: How long is this contract going to last?

G.PETROV: Actually we wanted to work with Sergey for four years at least, because I quite understand that we do not match the chess crown cycle, but we want to win so that means we'll have to wait a little bit, about four years though. Generally contracts are valid within a year but we want to work for four years.  

E.SUROV: I would like to ask you the last question. Do you watch chess news, do you follow the tournaments? 

G.PETROV: I would say I follow the results, I have no time to see the games but I look up the crosstable. 

E.SUROV: Will you look up the Olympiad crosstable? 

G.PETROV: Sure! No doubt about that. I will support Sergey and all the Russian team. 

E.SUROV: I guess you will also look the photos to see whether Sergey is wearing the clothes with your logo... 

G.PETROV: He wears it now and I think our logo suits him. 

E.SUROV: Thanks, it was Gleb Petrov, the founder and president of "Alpari" company, Sergey Karjakin's new sponsor. 


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