Boris Spassky's Sister Thinks That Her Brother Was Taken From Paris To Moscow Against His Will

Время публикации: 23.08.2012 12:27 | Последнее обновление: 23.08.2012 13:10

"Saint-Petersburg Vedomosti" reporter Alexander Kruglikov managed to contact Boris Spassky's sister who lives in Saint-Petersburg. That is what she said:

"I have recently paid a visit to my brother, left Paris on August 13 and on August 16 Boris turned out not to be at home already. When we were together he was in a good mood, he slowly walked up the stairs, but managed to do it, although not long ago, in September 2010 he had a brain attack. We talked about different things, he said he wanted to visit Russia but it was clear to him that his health was still poor. I think that Boris has been stolen by some people who want to use his name for their personal purposes. Yes, they have stolen him while his wife Marina Scherbacheva was not at home. We tried to call him many times but in vain. I do think that he was taken to the Russian embassy against his will, there those people made all the necessary documents and then he was sent to Moscow. But he strongly needs to be looked after. When he was in France, his wife, three nurses and two trainers did this job. I doubt that he has the same conditions in an ordinary Moscow flat..."

It is unclear where Boris Spassky is at the moment. A few days ago one of the Russian newspapers made an interview where Spassky said he had gone to Moscow.


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