Aiming To Make an "Outstanding Achievement"

Время публикации: 23.08.2012 10:56 | Последнее обновление: 23.08.2012 11:00

Leading countries are preparing for the Olympiad

Leading countries, which are named among the favorites of the upcoming Olympiad in Istanbul are preparing for the Olympiad during various trainings. Ukrainian team will make a three-day short training in Koncha-Zaspe. The longest one was undertaken by Armenia - the team spent 10 days together in Tsakhadzor. The players said that they paid special attention to their shape and are very happy with the results. 

Azerbaijan team has been training in Zagulba since August 18. Although Vugar Gashimov can't take part in the Olympiad because of his health, the team spirit is "the right one" according to the head coach Vladimir Tukmakov. The players are about to end the training on August 25.

Rating favorites, the Russian team has been training in Moscow region since August 16. Evgeny Bareev, who is a head coach of both men and women teams thinks that "It is obvious that you should never press on sportsmen now and you should assume that any place they take is an achievement. Silver medals are a big one and gold medals are surely to be an outstanding result. I think that the team should play quietly and always take common efforts to win. We should aim for the medals without forcing the circumstances, round after round".  

The majority of players is leaving to Istanbul on August 27. However Georgian team has chosen its own way and is now in Turkey. It arrived on August 20. Georgia is hoping that the ladies can fight for medals as traditionally Georgian women have always been strong players.


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