Dmitry Andreikin Has Won One More Superfinal. This Time Virtual, But With Real Prizes!

Время публикации: 16.08.2012 10:46 | Последнее обновление: 16.08.2012 10:46

Internet Blitz Grand Prix has finished on “Chess Planet” internet portal. Strarting from the 3-rd of June this year, the tournament consisted of 3 parts:
1.    Four Swiss play-offs;
2.    Final tournaments: 4 groups (12 players each) which played a round tournaments;
3.    Superfinal knock-out played between 8 players.

The Superfinal took place on August 14-15. Future winner Dmitry Andreikin managed to overtake Zaven Andriasian in the quarter final, and defeated Alexander Zubov in the semi final. The final duel between Andreikin and the expected Alexander Grischuk could not take place as the Blitz world champion was stopped in the semi final by Eltaj Safarli. The grandmaster from Azerbaijan was an honorable player for Andreikin in the final match. Four games couldn’t bring anyone to the top. The decisive game, so-called “Sudden death” was also drawn which automatically meant that Andreikin, who had black, became the winner.

The first prize in this tournament was 200 thousand rubles (more than 6 000 USD)

The tournament was also well known for arbiters’ decisions to make several players leave the final tournament stage due to the fact that they might have used computers during their games.


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