Natalija Pogonina’s Forecast for the Olympiad: Dokhoian Will Lead Russia to the Top; Ukraine Will Not Be Able to Fight for Prizes

Время публикации: 15.08.2012 21:02 | Последнее обновление: 15.08.2012 22:27

Newly born Russian champion Natalija Pogonina gave a forecast for the upcoming Olympiad in Istanbul in her blog on website. According to her forecast the Russians are the strongest players in the competition among men: “Yury Dokhoian should lead his team to victory unless something unexpected happens”.

Pogonina adds: “If somebody is to try to stop the Russians from getting their gold medals – it’s Armenia”. The other two favorites’ chances are not so evident. Ukraine “can’t fight for gold” without Vladimir Tukmakov and as for Azerbaijan, “the team can win prizes only if they bring the best and have the real team spirit”.

Pogonina however doesn’t have any faith in Israel team although this team won medals in last two Olympiads and will have Gelfand and Sutovsky.

The fight for gold will continue between Chinese and Russian ladies.


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