Biel Press Officer and Director of the GM Tournament Olivier Breisacher Got Drowned in Majorca

Время публикации: 13.08.2012 15:04 | Последнее обновление: 13.08.2012 15:05 informs that Olivier Breisacher aged 44 got drowned at the Majorca resort last Sunday. Olivier was one of the organizers of the Biel chess festival, responsible for public relations. He was also among the organizers of the grandmaster tournament held during the festival. It was announced that Breisacher became a victim of an accident and got drowned.

The site underlines that “During lots of years he was a talented journalist who worked in a sports section of “Tribune de Geneve” newspaper. Those who took part in the festival for many years had admired his organization skills and looked upon him as a “Soul of the festival”. This was a man of dignity, who has never tried to cut the distance between sportsmen and him and who never broke the privacy of those with whom he worked. He was a man of honor who tried to use only facts and never relied on gossips, personal opinions and assumptions”.


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