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Время публикации: 08.08.2012 13:18 | Последнее обновление: 08.08.2012 13:18

Dear Mr Surov,

The article you published on the 1st of August with title "Georgios Makropoulos Has Been Sending Letters to the Players of Negroponte 2012 Advising Them Not to Participate In It" is not only false and a complete lie but also malicious and libel. Because the truth is that I never sent any such letter advising "players who registered for the Negroponte Tournament not to participate in it", as you claim.

Your article also violates a basic principle of journalism which obviously you ignore and have never applied: that if a journalist intends to publish something so insulting, he should also contact the person accused in order to have his opinion and publish it in the same article. By applying this principle, an honest journalist protects the right of the accused person to publish his reply at the same time and also to avoid a situation when hundreds or thousands of people have read the libelous article but would never read the reply of the falsely accused person.

With your specific article the problem is even bigger because some others, who have the same targets with you (and the same ignorance of basic principles), often rush to re-distribute such malicious articles by just mentioning your website as the source. Therefore, I would ask you to reconstruct your article by saying the truth or otherwise publish the names of players who supposedly received such letters or any such imaginary letter itself, which you claim knowing that they have received from me.

I would also like to add that among the things claimed by Ms Anna Pavlidou in her letter, which you rushed to publish in order to "support" your libelous article, most are not true and among others the following:

The board of the Greek Chess Federation (GCF), contrary to what Ms Pavlidou claims, had decided to help the Negroponte tournament with electronic chess boards and clocks in the same meeting where it was decided to ask Greek organisers not to accept the banned Turkish player Suat Atalik. After the announcement of Ms Pavlidou that finally she adopts the decision of the GCF, it is obvious that there would have been no problem with the Negroponte tournament. Unfortunately, the real problem of the Negroponte organisers were neither the Greek Chess Federation nor Suat Atalik.


Georgios Makropoulos
GCF President
FIDE Deputy President


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