Biel: The "Three Points for a Win" Format May Determine the "Wrong" Winner

Время публикации: 02.08.2012 15:10 | Последнее обновление: 02.08.2012 15:10

An interesting situation has developed in the last round of the super GM tournament which is held Biel. The competition is held in a "three points for a win" format and at the moment Carlsen is a point ahead of his nearest rivals Giri and Wang Hao. If carlsen will draw today and Wang Hao or Giri win (they play against each other), then Norwegian will stay behind one of them. In a classical format, and with the same development of events, Carlsen would be the sole winner (in case of Wang Hao's victory) or he would share the first place (in case of Giri's victory). In any case Magnus Carlsen is now the only player who hasn't lost a single game. 

The decisive games will start at 16:00 MSK Time.


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