Georgios Makropoulos Has Been Sending Letters to the Players of Negroponte 2012 Advising Them Not to Participate In It

Время публикации: 01.08.2012 00:07 | Последнее обновление: 08.08.2012 13:17

As Chess-News got to know Georgios Makropoulos, the President of the Greek Chess Federation, sent the letters to some of the players who registered for the Negroponte 2012 tournament and advised them not to participate in it. Earlier we offered you part of Anna Pavlidou's open letter in which she stated that GCF "...has literally destroyed the “Negroponte 2012” International Chess Tournament with its restrictions and its refusal to grant chess equipment, electronic boards and clocks, to appoint arbiters, to submit the results for rating, as well as the illegal withdrawal of its acknowledgement of the tournament."  The reason of such decision was the invitation sent to the banned Turkish GM Suat Atalik.


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