The Croation Chess Federation Denied Kasparov's Request to Be Its Delegate in the Upcoming FIDE Congress. The Ex-World Champion Suspects "Russian Influence"

Время публикации: 25.07.2012 14:13 | Последнее обновление: 25.07.2012 14:32

Garry Kasparov held a simultaneous exhibition on 18 boards in Split, Croatia. The former World Champion won all the games. Among Kasparov’s opponents were the famous singer Severina Vuckovic and the new coach of the national football team Igor Stimac.

According to Kasparov didn’t request a fee for the simul, as some days before the event he asked the Croatian Chess Federation to be their delegate at the upcoming FIDE Congress in Istanbul. However, Zlatko Matesa, President of the Croatian Olympic Committee, recommended that CCF should prefer to have a Croatian citizen as delegate. (Consequently, the CCF Board voted 5-2 against Kasparov’s request). 

In response, Garry Kasparov issued a letter to Zlatko Matesa (the text in Croation is published on one of the local news websites) asking him to explain his motivation. At the same time Kasparov stated that if he'll run for the post of FIDE President in 2014 he will be nominated as a representative of Croatia.

"Since I don't have any evidence of the political influence, I can only suspenct that the foreign influence was taken into consideration. - writes Kasparov. - I hope you will be able to disprove my doubts that Russian authorities have a right to vote in this issue. Otherwise, it will be a double shock for me, as a for a person who has helped Croatia 20 years ago without asking any permittion from Moscow."


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