Amsterdam: Kamsky Is Half a Point Behind Ivanchuk One Round Before the Finish

Время публикации: 21.07.2012 19:43 | Последнее обновление: 21.07.2012 20:07

All adjourned games have finished in Amsterdam. The only real fight happened in the game between Emil Sutovsky and Krishnan Sasikiran. The Israeli sharpened the game in a complex position, but it still ended as a draw out of all three possible results. Unfortunately, almost all moves of that game were lost in the live transmission; we'll publish the moves here once they become available.

Gata Kamsky, who gained the expected 1.5 points today (a win over Sasikiran and a draw with Muzychuk), is now half a point behind Vassily Ivanchuk. In the last round tomorrow Kamsky will play with black against Jobava, while Ivanchuk will also have black against Muzychuk.
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  • Two adjourned games from the fourth round of the ACP Golden Classic tournament have started in Amsterdam: Le Quang Liem - Muzychuk and Sutovsky - Sasikiran. Once those games are finished, the pairs who didn't finish their games in the fifth round will sit down at the boards: Sasikiran - Kamsky and Jobava - Le Quang Liem. And the adjournment of the game that started yesterday, Kamsky - Muzychuk, will be played last. You can watch the games live.

  • The third round games of the ACP Golden Classic competition have started at 15.00 Moscow time in Amsterdam. The leader Vassily Ivanchuk is playing with white against Emil Sutovsky. The two players who started unsuccessfully, Baadur Jobava and Le Quang Liem, will fight with black against Anna Muzychuk and Krishnan Sasikiran, respectively. Gata Kamsky has a free day.

  • The sixth round of the ACP Golden Classic has started a few minutes ago in Amsterdam. Vassily Ivanchuk is again entering the battle after a free day. Le Quang Liem is resting today, prior to finishing two adjourned games. You can watch the games live.

  • Again, none of the games of the Amsterdam tournament ACP Golden Classic were adjourned during the second day of play. Moreover, if Gata Kamsky wasn't peacefully inclined, there could have been 100% of decisive results.

    In the sharpest encounters Jobava - Sasikiran and Le Quang Liem - Ivanchuk, the players who had black turned out to be stronger. The Ukrainian used a new move in a known position of the Slav Defence.

  • The ACP Golden Classic tournament is restarting after the free day. You can follow the fourth round games live, which have just started. The leader Vassily Ivanchuk is playing with black against Gata Kamsky; all nearest rivals are fighting between themselves. The main loser of the competition Baadur Jobava doesn't have any chances to improve his standing today - he has a free day according to the schedule.

  • Vassily Ivanchuk is close to winning the tournament held in Amsterdam  

  • The 5th round games of the ACP Golden Classic start now in Amsterdam. Vassily Ivanchuk who is one point ahead of his nearest rival is bye today. Follow the games live. 

  • Two more games were adjourned in the Amsterdam tournament ACP Golden Classic. There is no doubt about the future outcome of one of them: Gata Kamsky will win against Krishnan Sasikiran. Le Quang Liem has an extra piece with black against Baadur Jobava, but it's possible that the Georgian, who wrote down the secret move, won't decline the options of exploiting the opponent's open king and delivering a perpetual check.

  • The first draw was registered today at the ACP Golden Classic. Emil Sutovsky applied a rare move 12.h3 in a Spanish Game against Gata Kamsky; here white let black bishop to take g4 square.

  • The key game of today's Round 4 of the ACP Golden Classic between Gata Kamsky and Vassily Ivanchuk finished in ten moves. The ACP published a note on its Twitter page that Kamsky was unable to play and that's why he offered a draw. The American player confirmed this information on his Facebook page: