Not Everyone on the Greek Chess Federation's Board Supports the Decision About Disqualification of Suat Atalik

Время публикации: 16.07.2012 15:47 | Последнее обновление: 16.07.2012 15:52

The Board member of the Greek Chess Federation (GCF) Nikos Seretakis reported in his letter that there was no "unanimous decision" about the disqualification of the Turkish grandmaster Suat Atalik during the GCF Board meeting on June 30.

We remind you that recently the General Secretary of the GCF Panagiotis Nikolopoulos explained in his letter, addressed to the FIDE Ethics Committee, that the decision to support the request (exactly this word was pointed out) from the Head of the Turkish Chess Federation Ali Nihat Yazici about Atalik's disqualification was agreed unanimously during the GCF Board meeting on 30 July.

"This is a huge lie", replies Seretakis, "I definitely voted AGAINST this shameful decision".

Seretakis also noted that wrong information is displayed on the official site of the Greek Chess Federation.
You can read the letter from Seretakis in full.


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