Atalik's Case: There Was No Unanimous Decision of the GCF Board

Время публикации: 16.07.2012 14:30 | Последнее обновление: 16.07.2012 14:44

Dear sirs,

I am writing to you regarding a posting on your website concerning the decisions of the Greek Chess Federation to ban GM Suat Attalik. There appears a letter of Panagiotis Nikolopoulos (who was not present at the above mentioned meeting)[], the General Secretary of the Greek Chess Federation, who claims that "regarding the participation of GM Suat Atalik in forthcoming tournaments in Greece, was a unanimous decision of the Greek Chess Federation (GCF)".

This is a huge lie. There was no unanimous decision of the GCF Board meeting on June 30.

The truth is that a lengthy discussion on the issue took place and I definitely voted AGAINST this shameful decision. I note, that if there was present at the meeting and the other members of the opposition, then the negative votes would have been more.

My position on the subject was the following: Essentially we have a ban and prosecution of GM Suat Atalik that is politically motivated, and this is unacceptable regardless of any agreement or disagreement with Mr Atalik's positions. Furthermore, I opposed this decision of the Greek Chess Federation because, among others, it expands the disciplinary jurisdiction and competence of another authority inside the boundaries of the Greek state and I cannot endorse this.

I regret to confess that this striking lie of Mr Nikolopoulos was no big surprise to me.

The majority that rules the Board of the GCF resorts to similar methods also inside the country in order to mislead the chess community. The same impression, that of the unanimous decision, they tried to announce in our country as well.

For your information, on 8th of July I submitted a formal -and public- protest to the Presidium of the Board of GCF regarding the official information published in the website of the Greek Chess Federation about the Board's meeting on June 30, because it distorts truth and falsifies the minutes of the meeting both in the case of GM Suat Attalik as well as in many other points of the agenda. As you may expect, there were not any corrections to the "info" posted there, nor any answer -official or not- to my documented protest.

I would be grateful if you would clarify this issue on your website.

Respectfully yours
Nikos Seretakis
Member of the Board of the Greek Chess Federation, elected with the "New Chess Movement" list (opposition)


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