Atalik Was Banned to Play in Greece Not By Makropoulos Personally, But by the Board of the Local Federation - Unanimously

Время публикации: 07.07.2012 00:30 | Последнее обновление: 16.07.2012 14:29

After GM Suat Atalik got an apologizing letter from the organizers of the tournament held in Kavala - in which they said that he will be allowed to play in the competition - GM appealed to the FIDE Ethics Committee.

The Committee asked for explanation the Greek Chess Federation (GCF). We got the answer of the Greek Federation signed by its General Secretary Mr. Panagiotis Nikolopoulos. We offer the letter below:

"The acceptance of the Turkish Chess Federation’s request (and not demand, as wrongly translated by the organizers of Kavala open international tournament), regarding the participation of GM Suat Atalik in forthcoming tournaments in Greece, was a unanimous decision of the Greek Chess Federation (GCF) Board during its last meeting 30/6/2012. In this meeting participated the GCF Vice President Mr. Vasilis Theodoridis, President of the East Macedonia and Thrace Chess Clubs Union, organizer of the 2012 Kavala chess open international tournament, who is also the Tournament Director of the event.

It is clear that the above mentioned decision wasn’t a personal action of GCF President Mr. Makropoulos against GM S.Atalik, as GM S.Atalik quite wrongly tries to impose with his e-mail letter, which it can only be considered as a personal unethical attack against GCF President.

We would like to mention here that, the Greek sports law, which is similar to the Turkish sports law, strictly declares that all chess players have to ask for the permission of our federation in order to participate in chess tournaments abroad and immediately after GCF has to ask for the permission of the Ministry of Sports, in order to send players to international tournaments in other countries.

Moreover, we want also to condemn the unsportsmanlike behavior of GM S.Atalik who was obligated to inform both our federation and the organizers of the 2012 Kavala open that he is punished by his federation.

We also want to mention here that when a player from our federation is punished, he/she is not allowed to compete in any official games here or abroad during his suspension.

In conclusion, the above mentioned decision of our Federation’s Board was taken by the logic that as we expect the foreign federations to respect our laws and regulations, we should also respect theirs."


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