I Also Was There

Время публикации: 03.07.2012 22:37 | Последнее обновление: 03.07.2012 23:26

Yes, I had a chance to attend Round 2 of the Russia - China match. I'm hurrying to share my impressions with you by the help of a great person and remarkable photographer Igor Pavlovich. 

The Hotel Oktyabrskaya which hosts the match is located conveniently. Moscow Railway Station is situated quite near - in some 500 meters, metro and Nevsky prospect are located even nearer. 

 Living here is of course not for free, but our budget has outlived even harder times. They say, the cup of coffee costs 120 RUB here, but fortunately for me, I don't drink coffee in the afternoon. 

So, I came there - on the 2nd floor, in the conference hall, approximately 8 minutes before the match was started. I wanted to take pictures with Russian girls for our website, but unfortunately, they left the hall before the round started and only Baira Kovanova went halfway to meet my demand. 

Round 2 has started and the interested party appeared immediately. That is, of course, the team of coaches: Yury Dokhoyan, Alexander Motylev, Sergei Rublevsky and Evgeniy Najer. And of course the head of the team Evgeny Ilgizovich is also here, Mrs. Zakharova was visibly present...  

However, something went wrong with the spectators - no one came. Well, it's summer, it's warm, promotion is having a rest. In short the atmosphere was quite intimate. 

There are approximately 150 seats for the spectators. Only six games out of 10 were demonstrated on the screen, which made my eyes to feel quite uncomfortable.

But let's stop talking about bad. The conditions including the lightning deserve at least 4+. 

No, unfortunately a photo with me didn't change Baira's unsuccessful start, but I believe she will manage to "rise from ashes", and I personally will keep my fingers crossed for her and all our players. 


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