Sergei Shipov Says About the Performance of His Student Daniil Dubov at the Premier League, "He Was Lucky from the Beginning to the End"

Время публикации: 01.07.2012 19:39 | Последнее обновление: 01.07.2012 20:00

Sergei Shipov, the coach of Daniil Dubov (the young grandmaster who became a revelation of the recent Premier League of the Russian Championship), summarised the results about events in Tyumen on his own website.

"When my student Danny Dubov broke away from the start", writes Shipov, "I was sure that the heavyweights would soon visit him and... we would try to fight against them. But, in reality, the strongest players of the Championship got stuck en masse at "+1" and just couldn't get higher up. I want to give special thanks to the fighters of the protective squad: Prizant, Panarin, Demchenko, Bocharov and Frolyanov. They fought tooth and nail and didn't let the scariest opponents through to Daniil. It's very unfortunate that none of them were able to get into the coveted five. I owe them a favour".

After summarising in short performances of the players who took the top five places, Shipov talks about Daniil, " Dubov was lucky from the beginning to the end. His mistakes appeared natural, while his opponents' mistakes, surprising. It's always like that with young players".

"But if I'm being serious", continues the mentor, "Dubov's secret is simple: strong nervous system. He's naturally independent and daring. There's only one step from being daring to achieving [there's a play on words in Russian: от 'дерзить' до 'дерзать']".


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