Khalifman Recommends Dubov to Work on Openings, "the Elite Would Do Terrible Things in the Richter-Rauzer Attack and the Benko Gambit"

Время публикации: 30.06.2012 20:04 | Последнее обновление: 30.06.2012 20:56

The grandmaster Alexander Khalifman, who played in the recently concluded Premier League of the Russian Championship in Tyumen, summarised results of the tournament for Dmitry Kryakvin's report on In particular, the FIDE World ex-Champion gave his views about Daniil Dubov's success,

"You can no longer call Danny 'green' as a player. I watched with great interest how he came out of various playing situations. He's a very good and dynamic tactician; he always finds solutions, even when it seems that position's resources have already been used up. His problem, first of all, is with openings because elite players would do terrible things in the Richter-Rauzer Attack and the Benko Gambit in the Super Final. But it's clear that if Dubov does a lot of work on strengthening his readiness in the openings, then soon there would be a new strong 2700-player in Russia".

Further on, Khalifman deliberates about openings, "These days, a lot has changed when studying openings: information, which we cut out of journals and collected on cards, can now be learned in 5 minutes with a double-click. I remember I had cards arranged in boxes... Nowadays it's just ridiculous! I bought my first computer only when I became a grandmaster and it was a lot less useful compared to now. Back then, a lot of time went on studying a new system. Now, openings are just an ordinary life for a chess player who's trying to improve. That's because studying openings became a lot easier; there just needs to be a will for it. The elite grandmasters have an amazing differentiation in this respect. Are you saying that Svidler played 1.g3 against Kramnik? Yes, that was a whole concept. If Peter Veniaminovich played 1.h3 and won, then I would have capitulated against your arguments, but in this case, most likely, a lot was worked out and analysed. Volodya didn't know a tiny bit about something and underestimated it a little - and that's it. I heard a term 'not quite an opening' about the Benko's Opening from a well-known grandmaster, but it turned out that it's not right. You can't even imagine how much Svidler undersells himself when talking about his opening knowledge, taking into account his excellent memory. You can see an example of what happens when an ordinary grandmaster and a monster meet by looking at the fantastic game Galkin - Kramnik. There was no special opening idea prepared in advance and Volodya went for a position, which Houdini assesses as +0.5 for White. You don't need to suspect something supernatural behind the great players, but their openings strength, of course, is very big. That's why it wouldn't be simple for Dubov to play in Moscow".


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