Bohemian Black

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As you already know the last game of Navara - Svidler friendly match finished in a quite quick draw as long as the overall result of the match was already determined in Russian GM's favor. I don't know about the players, but the journalists and the guests of the match weren't really against of such decision. So, they had time for an informal dinner dedicated to the end of the event. 

Well, Daniil Svidler was mentioned in our reports from Prague more frequently than his brother Nikita, but, believe me, it's six of one and half a dozen of the other. 

The funicular brought us to the restaurant which is located in the Petrin hill, the one I have mentioned in one of my previous photo spreads.

Most of the passengers of the funicular were enjoying the outside view, while Svidler was of course reading.  

You can see Sergei Movsesian on the left, the participant of the match against Navara held last year. As someone has noted, a small funicular cabin exceeded the average rating of the whole chess train

And here's the view of the city from the restaurant.

The vast majority of our small company ordered dark Czech beer as a major drink. 

"For the successful end of the match!" - Pavel Matocha and Peter Svidler clink glasses, while Yochanan Afek appears as a witness. 

The way back was made without the funicular and we didn't regret about that: we met a toad...

...and a hedgehog.

During the dinner a black cat came and sat near us, but soon nobody actually recalled that.


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