A Place For the Next Step

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One of my favourite places in Prague is a huge green area - Petrin hill, the place where you can't stop walking. 

Here you can find a quite nice view on the city. 

At the top of the complex (it's a highest point in Prague) - you can find a wonderful garden.

On a question where he would like to transfer after death - in the paradise or hell - Voltaire answered: "Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company." When walking here I always think that I still have time for meeting a worthy company, while the climate can be found right here. 

What, in particular, makes Prague remarkable - you can choose any direction - it will be good everywhere. It's impossible to find a blind alley, unattractive district, uncomfortable place for an ordinary person. You never get bored by walking here, neither by taking pictures. .  

So, Prague hosts the annual festival Cez Chess Trophy, the main event considers participation of the strongest Czech GM. At different times David Navara's rivals were Anatoly Karpov, Vladimir Kramnik, Viktor Korchnoi, Nigel Short, Judit Polgar, Alexei Shirov, Boris Gelfand, Sergei Movsesian...And now Peter Svidler. Not bad, right? 

The photos from the history of the festival were demonstrated during the opening ceremony of the event. Each of you will find some famailiar faces on them. I will just add that the man playing against Korchnoi is Pavel Matocha - it's not so easy to recognize him as long as now the organizer of the festival looks quite different. 

This time the match is played in the building called "Malostranska beseda". As you see, while Navara is thinking over his move, Svidler sits in the first row for the spectators, usually he walks around. the only problem is that there's not that much space for walking here.

And there's even less oxygen. It's quite hot these days in Prague and the hall doesn't have a conditioner. On the first playing day the organizers opened the windows. 

I wondered if the players weren't disturbed by the sound coming from the Malostranska Square - the sound of trams, motorcycles, engines and so on, but it turned out that in comparison to an oppressive heat all the inconveniences looked less important. 

There's a way to the bar from the other side of the hall, which could be quite harmful for a defined group of the players. But it's not the case here and now. 

The resident of Prague Sergei Movsesian visited the venue to watch the game and settled down, 
as it seemed to him, in the coolest area.    

On the second game the windows were closed and the fan was turned on. They say it become much better. 

There's another Svidler in the playing hall - 11-year-old Danya. GM came to Prague with his family. Zhenya, Olga and two sons are waiting till the end of the games every day. 

Olga showed the young artist's another work made in Prague. 

While the hero himself showed the painted variation of "Game 2".

After the game, which finished in Svidler's favor, your correspondent was careless enough to ask Peter if he's aware of the fact that his famous fellow-countryman would turn 50 today. Now, when the information spreads with lightning speed, it was an unprofessional crime to doubt Svidler's awareness of the subject. 

Unfortunately, Viktor Tsoi didn't see out this century. 


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