A La Guerre Comme ? La Guerre

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The 7th Tal Memorial has finished in the Pashkov House. 

"A La Guerre Comme à La Guerre. There still are some chances."

"However, not everything depends on me now..."

"Half a point... I just need half a point..."

"I should collect myself. There's still a small chance..."

"If everything will work out I can be third..."

"Nothing personal Fabiano, but today I need only a win."

"Then I'll stake everything!"

"You know, we could be playing for the main prize..."

"And how's Luke? If he could overplay Magnus too..."

"We will see, Vlad, I don't know yet..."

"Sooo... it's getting more and more interesting..."

"Once I'll fight here for the first place..."

* * *

"That's it. A draw. But taking into consideration my shape and +1, it's quite good..."

"If I am satisfied with the tournament? Well, at least I wasn't at the end of the table!"

"Аnd I won! What was the most joyous event during the competition? That was Portugal's victory over Netherlands at the EURO 2012. What? Aronian has also won? Then I'm a lucky burgee!"

"It's a pity... I could be the first one to beat at the same time four 2800 players in one tournament..."

"But it's OK! It still was a lot of fun!"

Levon is embarrassed. Fabiano is upset. While Carlsen is a champion."

"Аnd what about Kramnik and Morozevich?"

"Here it is - my best achievement! Dressed all in poppies."

"Yes! This is my dad!"

And here's my mum. How can you be upset here?...


"Is this really the end?..."

"It's the irony of the fate, isn't it? Neither you got anything, nor did I..."

"It didn't work..."

"... but it will definitely work next time!"

"The most important thing is the attention to detail..."

"We are preparing for the closing ceremony. I'm proud of my husband!"

"What closing ceremony?... We've only just started analysing the most interesting bit!"

"Unbelievable. They played for seven hours and now analysing!"

"Blitz is a delicate thing". McShane is examining Maxim Dlugy.

Transfer of the life experience.

"Can I get some recommendations?"

An autograph given by the idol.

"I'm a stranger at this celebration..."

The happy winner.

The main heroes of the event.

"When I grow up, I'll take revenge for my dad!"

"Wait a little bit..."


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