Garry Kasparov, "I'll Do Whatever It Takes to Save Chess from Ilyumzhinov"

Время публикации: 15.06.2012 14:29 | Последнее обновление: 15.06.2012 14:29

Earlier today Garry Kasparov clarified his nearest plans in Twitter, "I'll do whatever it takes to save chess from Ilyumzhinov. If it means running for FIDE president myself, it's possible ... FIDE should be working on future of chess in education system. Kirsan is meeting Saddam, Qaddafi, Assad, terrible for reputation of chess."

Kasparov promised to talk about it in more detail after tomorrow's event in New York: Anniversary Event for the Kasparov Chess Foundation. We'll cover this event in detail on our Chess-News site.


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