A 3D Effect

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The 4th and 5th rounds of Tal Memorial continued the tradition of "no game without a fight!". Finally the event gathered more chess spectators (mostly because of celebrations, but still). The Pashkov House woke up. 

The quartet of active spectators started their visit from the race. It's time to arm up!

... so it's time to take the seats.

Filipovic is at the action station.

"Men in black" - as well.

"After our national football teams drew I can present you sweets with a clear conscience!"

A traditional English changing of clothes. 

Guess whose umbrella is this

And this one? It turns out that chess players like bright colors!

"What a life?!

...one can get crazy with such games."

"Please! I have just begin to enjoy."

Such a nice shirt! Pity, it didn't help Levon...

McShane: "How did I get here..."
Nakamura: "So true".

"Don't worry, let me calculate."

"Do it..."

Morozevich here,

Morozevich there,

Mor-ozeich's everywhere.

It's time to relax

and refresh.

Today's menu.

"Visit us again!"

A memorable photo with Vladimir Kramnik. Three other people in the picture come from Israel and have the surname Tal.

Several blitz games...

...and you can get back to the hall.

* * *

Tal Memorial 2012. Follow it in Pashkov House in 3D format from June 8th. 


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