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"Three-day waiting for the promised material": if I had to choose an anti-slogan for the website Chess-News, this one would be among other variants. Two World Championships - rapid and blitz - have been covered by our website at full. We just had to add the final touch - a large photo spread from the venue. I couldn't calm down while it wasn't done. I hope I made it before the sun went down. 

Batumi is a completely new resort city which is permanently built. What captures our attention first is a very long boulevard near the seashore, they say it's the longest one in Europe. 

There's a lot of space for the pedestrians. No cars nearby. Near the footpath you correctly see a separate bikeway.  

There are several this kind of parking places for the bicycles along the boulevard; and anyone can rent them. 

The wish of making everything not worse than in Europe is of course praiseworthy, however, you still can't get away from a "non-European" mentality. You will be meeting the pedestrians walking on your way (sometimes with the dogs), while you shouldn't even wait for the comer bicyclists to understand where lays the difference between their and the oncoming lane. The road itself is not the smoothest one and I would like that in the nearest future all the roughnessess (in the literal and figurative sense) to smooth out. 

The Sheraton Hotel where the championships were held is in two minutes walk from the beach. 

This nice fountain was opened several days before our arrival transferming the building area into a lounge zone. In Batumi everything is done quickly.

* * *

Emil Sutovsky didn't exaggerate when saying: it's not that common to hold the tournaments and especially women's ones in the venues like this. Sheraton took expenses for more than 30 participants (from overall 50 players) of the championships.

The playing hall was also almost perfect: the only one shortcoming was scanty illumination. But the players adapted quickly and everything went without problems. 

The event has been opened by the Head of SOCAR-Georgiam the sponsor of the match, Mahir Mammedov. 

The three Presidents: Georgina Chess federation, SOCAR-Georgia and ACP. And here's the question: which President misses the picture?

The answer is wrong: Mikhail Saakashvili. The President either lived here or he usually visited Sheraton in the same days as the Championships were held. Someone has even seen him. 

Nino Khurtsidze: "So I was coming back from the work and saw how Saakashvili was getting out the car, just like that".

I actually don't know who has seen Misha except Nino, but I'm sure that everyone noticed the regular gathering of special cars and presence of guarding in the black suits.

And at the end of the competition it became known that the hotel hosts... Hillary Klinton. Gia Girogadze has met her when she was getting out of an elevator. 

Now attention: all this didn't disturb vacationers of the hotel ANYHOW. As Mark Dvoretsky has mentioned on the air of Chess-News radio, if that was happening in Russian hotel neither we nor anyone else would be nearby the place. 

The press center of the competition. We've been broadcasting live right from here. But the picture you see was made long before our first live: Mark Dvoretsky who has just arrived put up an interesting endgame on the board. Zurab Sturua and Xvicha Supatashvili enjoyed finding the solution for it. 

Neither Kosintseva Tatiana, nor Natalia Pogonina were successful in any of the championships. They only could enjoy the surroundings. 

The victory over Anna Muzychuk is just one among others which led Alexandra Kosteniuk to the second place in the rapid championship. 

As we've already reported the competition held in Batumi was the first one to gather at the same time 5 Women's World Chess Champions. Each is "ex-", but "ex-" in her own way. 

Not a lot of people believed that Antoaneta Stefanova would be the winner of the rapid championship: "One can't be as lucky forever." But nobody denies Dvoretsky's phrase: "The failure can be accidental, but success is never casual."

Lahno-Stefanova Round 9 was perhaps the key game of the competition. White had a completely winning position, however the Bulgarian player didn't hurry to resign. Lahno could checkmate her rival in two moves, but missed her chance. Anyways she had an extra rook, which is not bad, right? "Why isn't she resigning?" Ekaterina was thinking...

The strong Ukrainian will surely dream this position. We didn't even pay much attention to it while analysis in the press center - "White just shouldn't play Bxe5" - Mark Dvoretsky joked . We smiled and went on analyzing another game. After several seconds we see the result 0-1. The last move in the game: 37.Bxe5 Qxg2 X

"Hardly understanding what was happening I wrote down the result of the game in my blank, - Ekaterina says, - then I've heard  "Sorry" and the sound of heels passing away."

Perhaps only this can be added here: THE CURTAIN DROPS. 

* * *

The dolphin-show has started in the local dolphinarium located near the Sheraton hotel an hour before the decisive games of rapid were played. 

Almost twenty people from chess world managed to visit it. Evgeny Melikset-beg was among them. 

I saw three players: Valentina Gunina, Mariya Muzychuk and NArgiz Umudova. 

That was really a show. A fantastic show. I've heard the dolphins were brpught from Japan. Well, I don't know why exactly from Japan.

The presenter talked in three languages: Georgian, Russian and English. 

It doesn't matter that Gunina lost her game after visiting the show. She got it all back in next two days winning the blitz championship, but you of course know about that from the news published on our website. 

* * *

At the closing ceremony - dances again, and again Georgian ones: with sabres, swords, jumps...

That's what they were fighting for...

Two queens, four candles and one big cake.

With flowers - the prize-winners of two tournaments (from left to right) Jumpy Koneru, Alexandra Kosteniuk, Natalia Zhukova, anna Muzychuk, Valentina Gunina, Antoaneta stefanova.


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