The Tal Memorial: Kramnik Is the Main Loser in the Blitz and Will Play Against Carlsen Tomorrow. The Draw

Время публикации: 07.06.2012 21:24 | Последнее обновление: 15.12.2012 17:15

The blitz tournament, which has opened the 7th Tal Memorial, has just finished in the Pashkov House. Perhaps, the most unexpected result is Vladimir Kramnik finishing in the penultimate place. The former world champion scored 2.5 out of 9.

Alexander Morozevich outplayed him in the last round and took first , scoring 5.5 points. Carlsen also got 5.5 points, however, he was second on the tie-break. Here are pairings of Round 1 of the main tournament, based on the results in blitz :

(1) Morozevich - (10) Caruana
(2) Carlsen - (9) Kramnik
(3) Grischuk - (8) McShane
(4) Radjabov - (7) Tomashevsky
(5) Aronian - (6) Nakamura

The games will start at 15:00 MSK Time.


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