Gia Giorgadze: "Georgian Women Will Take Revenge at the Olympiad"

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E.SUROV: This is Chess-News and we are in Batumi. I am Evgeny Surov and the President of the Georgian Chess Federation Gia Girogadze is with me. How do you do.


E.SUROV: The closing ceremony of two women tournaments – World Rapid and Blitz Championships – has just finished in Batumi. The players thanked Gia for good organization of the tournament, and frankly speaking, I would also like to thank him, because not only the organization inside the hotel was good, but the city itself stunned me. So, here’s the first question: how and when has appeared the idea of holding the championship in Batumi?

G.GIORGADZE: You know, we always kept in mind this idea, because Batumi is developing rapidly and it gets nicer every day even for us. Sometimes one comes here after a month pause and literally doesn’t recognize it. That’s why when there became possible to host the championship here, we agreed. That’s what we wanted to do – to impress you; and if we managed to do that, we‘re very happy, because Batumi becomes the city which is impossible not to love. We showed girls Tbilisi, where they’ve played European Championship last year, then was ACP Cup, so we decided: let’s show them Batumi this time.

E.SUROV:  Do you plan to show them some other cities as well?

E.SUROV: Why not? Recently the second city Kutaisi became the capital of Georgian Parliament, it’s also booming, everything gets repaid rapidly, a practically new airport is being built – it will be located right in the center of Georgia and will serve the low-cost airlines. They’re doing this purposefully. I think one can get to any city he wishes from Kutaisi, he can even visit Svaneti mountainous region, which is also being experiencing some reconstruction. The players can also be welcomed there, because it already has an appropriate infrastructure for that. A completely new road has been built. So, there actually are a lot of ideas. I guess if we will again be hosting the players, we will perhaps change the venue.

E.SUROV: Do I get it correctly? – due to you friendship with the ACP all the serious tournaments which were organized by Emil Sutovsky are taking place in Georgia, so does it mean that all future tournaments will also be held in Georgia?

G.GIORGADZE: No, we were friends before all this, I mean personal friendship. But after we were offered to host the first cup in Tbilisi and after everybody liked it, especially when we liked it too, we decided to hold the World Championship. I don’t want to guess what will happen in a year, but we are always glad to welcome guests and we are happy to organize tournaments, so it’s not ruled out that we will go on at this rate.

E.SUROV:  On the stage… Well, there wasn’t a stage, but on the podium there were standing 6 beautiful chess players, but there wasn’t any Georgian among them – isn’t it a pity?

G.GIORGADZE: Of course it’s a pity! That’s why I’ve joked at the end of the ceremony that despite our Georgian players didn’t take any medals, we, the organizers took an award for organization of the tournament. That’s in some way a consolation prize. They’re looking forward to a very important competition of the year – the Olympiad, which will be held in Istanbul and I think they’ll take revenge there.

E.SUROV: Are you sure?

G.GIORGADZE: Yes, I’m sure that they’ll take revenge there.

E.SUROV: It’s clear that Georgian women’s chess is ahead of men’s one, so what is a current situation? I mean the federation does a lot for supporting women’s chess, or men’s chess is also supported, but it just doesn’t work out?

G.GIORGADZE: No, I’m trying to find the golden mean. We just have more women competitions here, because we have more chances to fight for the medals and prize-winning places; but, I can’t say that more money is spent on women than on men. Actually, I’m rushing to Tbilisi tomorrow because a friendly match of men’s teams Georgia – Azerbaijan starts there; and I believe that our guys have a serious and responsible attitude towards their job and they will be preparing in order to show their best in Turkey. Unfortunately, our men’s team is not as stable as women’s one. There’s an evident leader in it – Baadur Jobava, who has proved his superiority by winning Georgian Championship easily. Anyways, we’re trying to gather a team which will help and motivate him. We’re working on this and we’re also looking for young talents.

E.SUROV: Thank you! Gia Giorgadze got a phone call, but we were finishing anyways. 


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