In Search of Meaning

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The third week of the match comes to its end, we got used to it and it's actually hard to believe that just in a day everything will finish and become a part of history. 

Going back to the last two days of the match, I'd like to conclude: despite everything, it still was breathtaking; and it's even more about the atmosphere than the chess games. There were a lot of discussions about the unattractiveness of the match, poor quality of play, a large number of draws, about the players as not the strongest ones and so forth. Some even asserted that Kramnik - Aronian match was more interesting. So, here's what I'd like to say after seeing everything that has been happening inside: everything aforesaid is nothing more than just emotions. 

With all due respect for Kramnik and Aronian, the unique players in their own way, that was just a match; and the whole world considered it as "just a match", while Anand and Gelfand are fighting for the World crown; so, this mysterious ritual of playing for not just a title, but for the "crown" (did you notice that none of other sports has anything like that?) attracts attention of people (and not only of chess players!) from all over the world. Despite the number of moves in the games, were they boring or gleeful, long or short - they will be discussed everywhere; and the fact that the World Championship matches aren't annual is another advantage of them. The match is practically the only chess event which can be actively covered in non-chess media; but not just a match, the match for the World Chess Crown. 

116 second before the start of the game.

It's pleasant to see what Gelfand sees. But what does he see? 

…that's an unprecedented attention towards him and chess!  

But it's easy to get used to good. Anand got used after a couple of matches, so maybe that's why he isn't playing in the way he used to?  

From the other side. 

Do you really mean the match is not interesting?.. 

Olga Girya, Karina Ambartsumova and Alina Kashlinskaya in a pretty GM company! 

And here comes Nazi Paikidze with her updated style. 

Maria Fominykh is also here. Now she works for the benefit of the TV chess programme on
 Channel "Prosvescheniye" (Education)

And here's Levon Aronian. I'm sure that despite all the enthusiastic compliments towards his match in Zurich, he'd give a lot for playing here.   

Evgeny Romanov and Daniil Dubov didn't agree on the position assessment 
on the air of Chess-News radio.

Andrei Filatov welcomes the honoured guests who have arrived for supporting Boris Gelfand.

Nella Gelfand - Gelfand's mother - joined them exactly that day. We were first to interview her. 

Pavel Eljanov - the Challenger's second - showed up in public together with Evgeny Tomashevsky during the 11th game of the match. 

Natalya Zelkind - the wife of Gelfand's first coach together with Marietta Golovei.

Nella Gelfand with Atlas brothers - Valery and Dmitry - Borya's 
childhood colleagues in Minsk. Now one of them lives in Austria, while another one is in Liechtenstein. 

And we're for the good "football".

Ale-hoo! And the press center of the match is full of the unusual paintings. 

So, who's the author? 

That's quite unexpected, isn't it?! 

In Search of Meaning  - the painting which your correspondent liked the most.

And this is Tarantass - the author's (right at the moment of our discussion) favourite work. By the way, I was unable to understand what was used by the author in order to draw all those paintings, it turned out that he used... felt-tip pen to draw on the cardboards! 

The first painting from the series of the live chess paintings. Dedicated to the fabulous move 1… Фb5.

Maxim Dlugy: «This is my first exhibition - and it's held in the Tretyakov Gallery. Sure I'm proud of it!"

The paintings on the walls, the musicians in the press center. The pianist Lugansky and cellist Knyazev don't miss an opportunity to take a look at the screen with the position during the press conference. 

"We are here for playing chess."



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