Emil Sutovsky Hopes to Hear This Phrase in Hebrew, "If You've Taken the Crown, Hold It!"

Время публикации: 29.05.2012 15:07 | Последнее обновление: 29.05.2012 15:11

Emil Sutovsky tells in his live journal about how much the World Championship Match is being covered by the press in Israel.

"The front pages of the main newspapers are full of reports about the match; there are hundreds of comments about the match on the Israeli news portalNetanyahu is carefully looking at the position, trying to find hidden opportunities (unfortunately, he's not a very good chess player, but he knows very well how the pieces move).
And all of that is thanks to Gelfand, who helped to raise an extraordinary interest towards chess, despite firmly announcing that he's not playing for the spectators.
In this respect, I also would like to note the brilliant work done by the Israeli Chess Federation management - I rarely praise my own people, but there was a huge amount of work done and the results are already visible.
The only remaining thing is to hope that we'll hear how the phrase,
"If you've taken the crown, hold It!", sounds in approximate translation in Hebrew :)"

The name of the crown taker will be decided on 30 May on tie-break.


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