The Right Flank Breakthrough

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The Hotel Taganrog, the 1st floor.

It seems that the children who came here won't be playing too much - 7 rounds of rapid chess with 15 minutes for each player; however, they will be fed only twice: in the middle of the tournament and after it. Everyone's ready. Taganrog is hosting a festival for the pupils born in 2002 or later. The festival is held in the same hall where the Russian Major League took place a year ago. 

The festival was organised as you have already guessed by the Chess federation of Rostov region. As usually, the President of the federation Sergey Nesterov personally checks all the details before the competition starts. Eugene Potemkin strolls with the camera trying not to miss anything. They say the distinguished guests are expected to come. 

Arkady Dvorkovich's mother Galina Lvovna has already arrived. Waiting for him personally. 

Potemkin interviews - let's say - the red-haired girl Iryna. The discussion started after the press secretary (I actually can't remember whose) roughly pointed where exactly we had to stand in order not to disturb Dvorkovich entering the hall. Anticipating things, I'll note that during the day she managed to fray the nerves of... Potemnik several times; while I was kind and gentle to all ladies. 

Arkady Vladimirovich wasn't disturbed by anyone on his way to his place. 

After specifying which pawn to move, 
the Chairman of the RCF Supervisory Board made the first move. 

Sergey Nesterov: "Our region is the leader in holding mass chess events." 

From all moms, mom Katya is the best.  

And this is a 10-year-old Andrei Esipenko. He outplayed the Ukrainian GM Pilavov at the Rapid Grand Prix of the Russian Cup in Novocherkask and drew against two Russian GMs. Now he's giving a simul on 10 boards.

Let the historians say: has anything like this happened before?

There's a full house at Torpedo stadium. It hosts the charity action "Under the Flag of Kindness" for the 5th year in a row. The idea - to entertain the spectators by gathering pop-stars, who firstly run with the ball and then sing, and collect money for the treatment of gravely ill children. 

The press conference before the start of the match. On the right - the President and one of the founders of the football team Starko Yuri Davydov.  

There are two teams: Starko (the pop-stars) and Rosich (starry politicians). In this case the united team was playing in Taganrog.

Let me introduce (to those who doesn't know him) Oleg Malyshkin.The footballer (namely, played for Torpedo Taganrog, Uralan Elista), the boxer (Master of Sports of USSR) and a punching bag in 2004, which was invented by Vladimir Zhirinovsky for amusement, when he ran for President from LDPR. Malyshkin put in an appearance as minimum in two fights that took place in political programmes on TV (at that time they were oriented on discussion). He's less aggressive on soccer field, at the same time he's an impassable wall in defense. The pillar. 

Two words are enough for introducing this young man: A chocolate hare. Pierre Narcisse hasn't got Malyshkin-like technical and tactical performances, but as you've already guessed he has other methods.

The actor Marat Basharov. 

The commentator Viktor Gusev. 

The girl sings a patriotic song. 

The teams headed by the captains come out to the field.

On the left - "Russia's Gold Guitar" Victor Zinchuk. 

Sergei Gorlukovich together with Malyshkin composed an impassable duet of central defensmen, but unlike Malyshkin Sergei needs no introduction. 

However, the attention (ours) was zeroed in the Number 7 of Rosich-Starko, the right (which else!) attacking halfback. 

It's noteworthy that Arkady Vladimirovich is in a good shape. He played the whole match (two halves of 30 minutes long) without replacement. He moved perfectly in the 1st half. It was clear that he was a bit tired in the second half, but who'd dare to scream "Leave" to the Deputy Prime Minister of Russian federation?!

This person's name and surname sound familiar to chess world: Vlad Topalov. But he's not a chess player, he's a singer (as they say). His singing talent can be identified by his fall on the field. 

In some 10 minutes after the first half has started a significant event has happened: our correspondent moved behind the goal of the team Taganrog and in 20 seconds the guests managed to score a goal.  

This is actually called a journalistic flair. Rosich scored another 5 goals until it has calmed down and the first one to score was...

Pierre Narcisse. Here you should watch the specific parts of his body.

And here is a brilliant footballer, one of the best players from '90s, Sergei Kiriakov. 

At the European Championship 1996, 5 minutes before the end of the match against Germany and the score 0-3 Oleg Romantsev offered Kiriakov to replace one of the players. Kiriakov in response told the coach everything he was thinking about him. 

The famous Sergei Gorlukovich and Alexei Prudnikov.

Levitov came out to help Dvorkovich in the second half. He didn't spoil the play. 

That frequently happens in football... 

Gusev commented cheerfully, he joked around in a - you won't believe it - funny way. A quite logical question arises: why didn't we hear any successful joke by him during so many years of working on the 1st Channel? 

Maybe Gusev has answered the question himself: "I offered the heads of the channel to amuse the spectators during the EURO 2012, but they gave a firm No - the Russian team will be entertaining the spectators during the Championship...."

The children and their parents were awarded certificates right after the end of the match.

I took a picture of these girls at the exit from the stadium and wrote them down the website where they can see themselves. Who knows, maybe  we're going to have four new readers 
from now on?


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