A Step Away From Denouement

Время публикации: 27.05.2012 14:40 | Последнее обновление: 27.05.2012 14:40

ChessVibes and Europe Echecs present their video reports (in English and French) about the game 11 of the World Championship Match, which also show Gelfand's seconds Pavel Eljanov and Alexander Huzman.

Mark Dvoretsky,
"It's not too exciting for spectators, but professionals feel the great tension. It's not easy to play in such situation. [...] I believe it would be better, if they need to play tie-breaks... it would be better to play some games with more normal control. For example, one hour for game or something like this. [...] It's not a classical game but still closer to classical game comparing with what's going to happen. And Armageddon is absolutely idiotic approach in my opinion".

Levon Aronian,
"I've seen it [8...Bd7] a long time ago. It's very interesting".



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