While Gelfand and Anand Rested, Blonds Beat Brunettes (PHOTO and AUDIO)

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There were three chess events during the third rest day at the World Championship Match in Moscow. One of them was a match between blonds and brunettes. A year earlier blonds were literally demolished, but this time they took a no less convincing revenge.

This kind of a match should be watched only live

There were eight fair-headed beauties against eight fascinating brunettes, with three minutes plus two seconds per game. Hollywood should take notice.

Daria Grigorieva showed the best individual result: 6.5 out of 7.

The chess nymph Daria Grigorieva

Three of the blonds collected 6 points each: Olga Girya, Valentina Gunina and Alina Bivol (on the photo below).

Apart from the money prizes that were given to the best scoring individuals, all participants went home with bouquets of roses, souvenir t-shirts and caps.

Maria Severina, one of the blond team representatives, gained only half a point less than the top scoring trio in her team, but she was different from everyone present because a day earlier she played a game against Kasparov himself. Maria told us about it, how long she managed to survive and about many other things. You can listen to the interview with Severina in the audio player (in Russian).


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