No Mercy, the Penal Battalion, МММ and Others. The Ukrainian Club Championship has started in Alushta

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The Ukrainian Club Championship has started on Thursday in Alushta. Ten teams are competing in an all-play-all tournament.

Many of the team names are exotic (which is, to be honest, typical for the Ukrainian league): "No Mercy", "Shtrafbat (the Penal Battalion)", "МММ"... This year the clear favourite is the country's most stable team: the Kharkiv Law Academy.

In the first round, the team from Kharkiv won against opponents from the Crimea capital with a minimal score:

"МММ" Simferopol– "Yuracademia" Kharkiv 2.5-3.5
1. Tukhaev - Moiseenko 0-1
2. Ajrapetjan - Kovalenko 1/2
3. Sitnikov - Brodsky 1/2
4. Bernadskiy - Kovchan 1/2
5. Iakymov - Firman 1-0
6. Tovmasian - V.Onischuk 0-1

The details about the Championship are published on the site of the Ukrainian Chess Federation.

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