They Hurried But Were Late

Время публикации: 17.05.2012 20:39 | Последнее обновление: 18.05.2012 00:01

A joint photo report by Elena Klimets and Evgeny Surov

This time the Chess-news correspondent was one of the four people allowed onto the stage with the main characters, behind the glass.

Gelfand's mysterious bottle is in place. The chair swivels by itself in any direction, except towards the board.

There's hello from behind the glass. In the same way, anyone can say hello to one of the participants of the match. They would see it.  

Concentration is to the limit.

"What have they prepared for me?..."

"And what if I go this way?.."

The kingdom of crooked glass.

"Valya, if this was a match between women, how many decisive games would there be?"
"I think, at least half of them."

"We don't know how to fight against the Chinese yet, but we work on chess a lot".

The General Secretary of the ECU Sava Stoisavljevic is at the match. Next to her is the person in a hat: the journalist Maria (now already) Emelyanova. Visible at the back are Maxim Dlugy, Sergey Grigoriants and a little bit of Ernesto Inarkiev.

We invited Ernesto to participate in the live radio, but, as soon as he agreed, there was nothing left to commentate. 

Gelfand is translating to Anand the meaning of a newspaper joke devoted to them.

Childhood habits don't completely disappear...

There's the inspired face after a question about the family.

There's equality in everything, even in poses!

The official site's commentator of the fifth round Alexander Grischuk had an unusually short day.

The colleagues from India are also happy.

Gelfand's support group has grown and not for the last time.

Another guest of the press centre is "the English voice of Khanty-Mansiysk" Anna Sharevich, standing here with Moshe Slav.

Stanislav Zhelesny says to Boris Dolmatovsky, "do you remember how it all started?.."

Joel Lautier wanted to be in time for the climax, but was too late even to see the draw...

Boris Gelfand's special guests are Tamara Golovey and Leonid Bondar. We'll introduce them to you in one of our next live radio transmissions.

Evgeny Sveshnikov said, "I'll go to the end with my litigation against the Russian Chess Federation. And did you doubt that?" Listen to and read his exclusive interview to find out how he hurried from Latvia to the game.

The manager of the press centre Mark Glukhovsky. You can see him in a suit and with a folder in hand only at this match.

Evgeny Bareev is in profile, while the correspondent of the Russian Chess Federation web site Etery Kublashvili shows full face to the camera. Who's better?


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