Fighting Against Depression

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Another two games of the match are over. If you can't call them the twins of the first two ones, than you can surely say they're siblings: Grunfeld and Slav were played again, new variants, but the same result. The rivals continue groping each others' opening preparation and we, the spectators, feel somehow like the fans of ultimate fighting right at its start. The opponents are keeping the distance, almost without attacking, they're watching each other and methodically collect information: where to beat, where to be careful, where to increase pressure and where to conserve their strength. 

Regardless of the development of events on the chess board, the visitors are more than satisfied. For three weeks the State Tretyakov Gallery became something like a club for interests. The game is an excellent opportunity to meet up, to join a historical event and... to have good time in the company of friends. Here it's important to make a right choice of the companion: he certainly has to be of a same chess level as you, with the same intellectual facilities and he should also be a supporter of one of the players. The second rule  no computers, no evaluations and no commentators. Completing these rules ensure you to have an adventurous journey in mutual fancies, trying to guess the moves and the result of the game untill the last move.  

What a wonderful thing chess is - two people, initially unfamiliar to each other, talk, discuss the options, play games in the yard, argue, joke, get carried away, clap each other on the back and go - one to the metro station in his shabby “Made in Savelovskij” T-shirt, another to his Land Cruiser dressed in couture; and none is confused: the miracle? 

Vishy: "It seems like we've missed a one-move checkmate!"

he match strategy? What kind of the match strategy? We have no idea of what do you mean"

"Okay, we have it; but we won't tell you about it!"

Evgeniy Najer: "That's a good idea…"

Yuri Averbakh: "Don't jump at conclusions...."

"So, are you going to raise your bet?..."

The happiness is not a mood; it's a habitude of soul. 

Well, maybe the future world champion is somewhere among them?

The radio space bridge of Chess-News – the press center in full swing

Immensely serious Boris Postovsky at the phone.

Mikhail Ulybin, Felix Cheremisin, Boris Postovsky.

Has anything changed in the Engeneering Building in the last two days? At the same time yes and no. The score of the match stayed unchangable, the style is still cautious, the press conferences with the players - just as terse. Only distinguished guests are changing. The 4th day of the match was marked with an unusual guest, the man who wasn't ever connected to professional chess anyhow. He left it in childhood, having defeated Dreev; while now he's known for his original creativity. 

Timur Shaov!

The bard spent the whole day at the Tretyakov Gallery with the greatest pleasure, he watched the game till its end and stayed at the press conference.  «Gens una sumus» at its best.

Anand has White in the 5th game and maybe he will try to beat in the same place as last time, when he almost achieved success. 

The tension is growing. The interest increases. Skeptics stay away, all the best is still ahead!

Here you can listen to Timur Shaov's song "Fighting against depression".


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