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Moscow strolls, plays chess, sings and applauds

At the end of the second game of the World Championship match in Moscow, Anand and Gelfand were asked how they are planning to spend their first free day. Both said something like they are going to combine rest with preparation for the next game.

It's unlikely that the Champion and the Candidate planned to walk together with writers along the capital's boulevards: along the route "from Alexander Sergeyevich (Pushkin) to Alexander Sergeyevich (Griboyedov)". To understand the meaning of the walk, it's necessary to realise that the World Championship is being held at a time and at a place where it's, sometimes, not possible to go outside without getting beaten up by the special police force. In view of the recent events, the President of the Russian Chess Federation Board Ilya Levitov is also asking the question on whether it's possible to leave the house: 

"Is it at all possible to go outside?"

The famous Russian writers came out for today's walk to find out an answer to precisely that question. The chief editor of Chess-News Evgeny Surov went for a walk as well. He only took his mobile with the in-built camera, assuming that there won't be a significant number of people (based on a tradition), who'd want to accompany the writers. At the end, it turned out that the right to freely walk around Moscow came to defend tens of thousands of people, including chess fans!

Surov told about the event and published photos on his Twitter page, directly from the scene.

Strolling with the writers

Pushkin Square before the start of the walk

Look at how many people came to find out if they can walk around Moscow while P.(utin) is in charge

Passing cars are blowing their horns in support!

And here, on the way, people are playing chess!

Chess brings people together.

Look ahead: there are so many people!

Unbelievable! And that's only what I can capture on my small mobile!

There are more than 10,000 people already.

People started applauding each other form all the excitement about what's happening.

Tens of thousands of peaceful Moscow residents are applauding each other!

The walk was meant to end near the Griboyedov monument at the Clean Ponds, but people continued walking. It's nice to walk around Moscow in good company.


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